Puka Up is a new social enterprise founded by one of Australia’s leading mental health advocates, Wayne Schwass. 

Having battled silently with his own mental health for much of his sporting career, Wayne is now a dedicated mental health advocate, committed to raising awareness about mental health, emotional wellbeing and suicide prevention. In the Hindi language, Pukka means ‘authentic and genuine’. 
“Our vision is to create the environments for every person to have authentic and genuine conversations about mental health and emotional wellbeing”.

Mental health conditions have the potential to impact anyone of us and we believe talking about this important issue is a life changing opportunity. 

We are committed to creating environments for every person to be able to talk openly and honestly about mental health, emotional well-being and suicide prevention without fear or judgement. 

We believe every person matters.
We believe its ok to look after your mental health
Be authentic, be YOU!